Wedding at Het Houtse Meer in Den Hout

At the end of August Margot and Jip married at the beautiful Het Houtse Meer in Den Hout. A location that looks out over a beautiful water. And people who know me a little bit know that I am very happy about that. That was also the case when I came here. A location where you can be all-in all day. The ceremony, reception, dinner and party. Super relaxed and you can spend the whole day with your feet in the sand.

Margot and Jip got married in the tent overlooking the water. It was such a great couple!
At a ceremony I always like to focus on the groom as soon as his future arrives. Where everyone follows the bride full of excitement as she comes closer, I look most often at the groom to see his reaction. And every time that puts a smile on my face or a lump in my throat. And with Margot and Jip it was the lump in my throat. Jip saw his beautiful Margot coming closer and could no longer control his emotions and burst into tears. Such an emotion, such a love. I think that is so wonderful to experience. There was also a beautiful song sung. The ceremony was just perfect.

After the ceremony the bride and groom walked through an honorary hedge to the reception where the toast was held and the “cake” was cut. And here is the fun part. It was not just a cake, but a cake of cheese! I had seen a cake of cheese on the internet, but never had a wedding were they served a cake of cheese, so that was extra fun. And oh my, it was delicious!

We did the photo shoot on the roof of the location. You can compare that the location was partly in a hill, through which you could walk up a hill and there had a beautiful open area with a beautiful view. During the photo shoot I asked if Margot could run a bit on her shoes, because she had the perfect dress for it. “Oh yes!” She says and hop there she went. With her dress blowing madly in the wind, this is definitely one of my favorites!

Location Getting ready: Vila BBB in Oosterhout
Location Ceremonie, photoshoot en diner: Het houtse meer in Den Hout
Second shooting for Jessica Photography