A wedding with the greatest present ever!

A wedding day is exciting! Planned for months and looked forward to for so long. Miranda and Melvin had a beautiful day full of sun! A day filled with emotion.

We took the photos in a forest where many Scottish Highlanders live. Normally you only see them at a great distance. Until today :). Exactly the path we had to go through, there were about 40. With calves and all, a whole family. I just had to swallow it and with pinched buttocks walked through. Of course totally not necessary, because they do nothing! I know, I’m also ashamed of it haha.

A wedding with a twist. Yes, you probably saw it. They are expecting !! And at their wedding, they wanted to make the biggest gift known to their guests using my photos. How fantastic is thatBut we also visited the cemetery where Miranda her mother is buried. What an honor that I have been able to capture this precious moment for them.

Dear Miranda and Melvin, I liked it so much to be present at your beautiful day. Wish you lots of luck and love and of course enjoy your little wonder!