A surprise engagementshoot in Howth, Ireland

Last month I went to Howth, Ireland to shoot a surprise engagementshoot of my wedding couple for next year. The big element of surprise was that the groom in question didn’t know he was going on a trip, not even were to and especially not my being there! That was so much fun!

A while back I arranged a shoot in Ireland, together with Dominique. My bride for next year. She told me that she and Ben went to Howth earlier and were in love with Ireland. Without Ben knowing we arranged when and were. It was up to Dominique to keep this a secret and I can only amagine how hard that must have been :).

And I totally understand why they love Ireland that much! Unfortunately it was windy with lots of rain when we were there, but still. I love the language and the surroundings/views. I’m definitely returning to Ireland some day for sure.

But then… That Saturday morning when I was in my car going to pick them up for the shoot, Ben knew what was going on and was really surprised! Great job Dominique for keeping it secret for so long!!

We had an awesome morning shooting at different places in Howth. Despite the wind and rain, it was so great. Here are some of my favorites…