An engagement session during golden hour

I love taking engagement photos during an engagement session during golden hour. “Practice makes perfect” you always hear, but it’s true you know. Especially when it comes to taking photos. Because having your pictures taken is not a favorite activity for everyone. And this applies to both men and women. In general, it is the men who do not like to be photographed and who think it’s a ‘fuss’. Sorry guys! But sometimes there are also women who find it a little uncomfortable. I think it is fantastic as a photographer to take away those inconveniences and make it a fun time. You do not have to be afraid that you are not photogenic and not good on photos. Because I’ll help you through the shoot, make the photo shoot fun and that gives you that real smile / emotion on the picture.

A loveshoot can already be a ‘rehearsal’ for your wedding day. You then know how your photographer works and know what is expected of you on the big day. It makes the photos on the day itself as relaxed as possible and you do not even realize that a photographer is present on your day. That is why a click with the photographer is so important!

Because of my (over) enthusiasm the shoot is nice and loose. And it works contagious;). A good photographer knows how to walk the right paths to remove tension. Besides all this it is also just fun to use the photos for the Save the Date or the wedding invitation, the edible photos in the champagne glasses or a wedding website.

This beautiful couple did an engagement session during a gorgeous sunset in November! So you see that even in the fall the weather can be amazing. Next year they will get married in a beautiful castle and I get to photograph their wedding. I can not wait, because it is going to mesmerizing!

Are you also going for an engagement session before your wedding day?