A beautiful spring evening

Late March it was… The setting for a gorgeous couplesshoot in the Soesterduinen during Golden Hour (sunset). This is really the best time for the softest light. And when you also have a beautiful couple in front of you, it is going to be amazing.

Tessa and Gijs came all the way from Brabant to Utrecht to be photographed by me. And it really was my honour. During the shoot we came to talk about the fact that Tessa, became Miss Asia Pacific 2016. My first respons was: How can you be Miss Asia Pacific if you are a Dutchie?
Then Tessa explained it to me… To become Miss Asia Pacific 2016, she first had to win the Miss Beauty of the Netherlands contest. Which she did, obviously :). After that, she represented The Netherlands at the Miss contest in Asia. And because that was the place where she was crowned, that’s the title she got. How fun is that!

Gijs and Tessa are together for a long time, but still have the spark. The way he holds her and the way she looks at him. Two people who match so perfectly and really belong together. Both having their good looks and are so kind.

When I asked them if I could blog this shoot, the instantly said Yes! Because I know… you also are going to love this!

So hereby, my favorites (and it was a tuff one, ’cause I like all of them).